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How to Make a Torch

Remember in Raiders in the Lost Ark when Indiana is trying to scare snakes away with his fire torch in the Well of Souls? It got us thinking, how do you make one of those DIY for low budget films? We had to ask this question for some of our scenes in Hope of Escape. Enter: Suzanne Stroh, our producer, who took it upon herself

Producer and Pyro Chief, Suzanne Stroh

to make several from scratch. There's actually a lot that goes into making a safe, reliable, and film-worthy fire torch! It takes a bunch of specific materials, time prep, and patience. To check out one of the sites we looked at to make torches click here.

Suzanne came up with her own special recipe for her torches. (We are not showing our torches here, because it's a secret recipe!) Just remember, the number one rule is SAFETY FIRST!

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